Más de 20 años al servicio de las Comunidades


Those provided by the art 20 of the Horizontal Property Act.

  • To ensure the proper management of the community, its installations and services.
  • To prepare together with the President the budget and expenditures planning.
  • To attend to the upkeep and maintenance of the property, arranging for those repairs and measures that may deem necessary.
  • To carry out (execute) the resolutions adopted regarding maintenance works as well as to make and receive payments.
  • To act, where applicable, as secretary to the General Assembly and to keep custody of community documents available for perusal by the owners.
  • Any other function on conferred by the General Assembly.
  • Monthly visit to the building and preparation of the appropriate report.
  • Monthly review of the actual expenses compared to the budget.
  • Frequent meetings with the members of the Committee. Exhaustive control and followup of the defaulters.
  • Supervision of the staff (personnel) on service of the community.
  • Management of the maintenance and supplies of the community.
  • Drafting and negotiations of contracts.
  • Advice, contracting and follow-up of works of repair and conservation of common elements as well as for new building works.
  • Procedures and applications to the official entities